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When is my membership activated / when are my benefits active?

Your membership is automatically activated following the 10 day cooling off period after the completion of your down payment (deposit). After the 10 days have passed, you will receive an email welcoming you to the iconiK Membership Programme. At this point all of your benefits are active and you are a full fledged iconiK member.



Can I come to Dubai tomorrow?


All requests for stays in the iconiK Collection must be made 30 days in advance. In order to make sure your preferred location is available, it is suggested to book as far in advance as you can. Your stay is only permitted during the months outlined in your membership tier.



How long can I stay in iconiK accommodation?


Your annual complimentary stay includes 7 nights, but as an iconiK member you may request an extended stay as long as this is done at least 30 days in advance. your extension will be subject to availability. Your stay extension will be billed at discounted iconiK Member rates


Can I use my annual complimentary stay to stay in another country?


Your annual stay is limited to our iconiK collection properties, which can be found on the LOCATIONS page.


When do I get my membership card?


Each iconiK membership card is made using a bespoke process which takes nearly a month to complete. Your card will be handed to you by a lifestyle manager upon your first stay in Dubai. We cannot ship your membership card internationally. Keep in mind, you do not need your physical membership card to use your benefits outside of Dubai and on the online member platforms.

What can I use my iKoins for?

iKoins may only be used to avail discounts on iconiK Worldwide and Dezerved online platforms. iKoins have no monetary value and cannot be used to exchange for any other goods or services outside of these two online membership platforms.


Can you resell my membership for me? Can you sell my week of stay for me?


Legally, as a membership club we may not manage your weekly stay on your behalf, nor can we resell your membership to another individual. You are fully within your rights to transfer or sell your weekly stay yourself, and may resell your contract yourself after full completion of your membership payments.


Can I use the lifestyle management services when I am in another country?


Your iconiK lifestyle management team is only available to you while staying for your annual complimentary stay. They are not available outside of your week of stay, or outside of the UAE.


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