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Iconik’s Club Rules
Last updated: 08 March 2022

These standard Club Rules (“Club Rules”) set out the rights and obligations of each
Member (including any guests of the Member) at the time of occupying an Accommodation
These Club Rules apply to all Members, and it is each Member’s responsibility to read,
understand and adhere to the provisions of these Club Rules. Members are asked to report
any violations of these Club Rules. Members violating these Club Rules are subject to such
action as deemed necessary in accordance with the applicable Property’s rules and
Terms used but not defined in these Club Rules shall have the meaning assigned to them in
the Membership Agreement.
1. Definitions
1.1. The following terms shall have the following meanings:
1.1.1. “Accommodation Unit” means an apartment in a Property;
1.1.2. “Guest” means a Member or such other person in whose name the stay at the
Accommodation Unit has been reserved by a Member in accordance with the terms
of the Membership Agreement;
1.1.3. “Loyalty Club” means the iconik Dubai Loyalty Membership Club;
1.1.4. “Membership Agreement” means the agreement entered into between Iconik
Loyalty Card Services L.L.C and the Member in relation to the Loyalty Club;
1.1.5. “Member” means a person who has entered into a Membership Agreement and
agreed to be a member of the Loyalty Club and “Membership” shall be construed
accordingly; and
1.1.6. “Property” means a residential building which is a part of the IconiK Collection
2. Property
2.1. Each Property is outfitted with a variety of facilities and amenities making it an
ideal location for both business and leisure.
2.2. Certain Properties have special offers available for Members. Members can contact
their lifestyle manager to get further details in relation to these offers.
3. The Accommodation Units
3.1. Members of the Loyalty Club are entitled to reserve one of the three (3) varying
sized Accommodation Units offered at each Property in accordance with their
membership tier, as follows:
3.1.1. One Bedroom unit with a maximum occupancy of two (2) adults and two (2)
children under the age of 12 years;
3.1.2. Two Bedroom Apartment with a maximum occupancy of four (4) adults and
two (2) children under the age of 12 years; and
3.1.3. Three Bedroom Apartment with a maximum occupancy of six (6) adults and
two (2) children under the age of 12 years.

3.2. A full description of each type of Accommodation Unit and the amenities will be
placed in the relevant Accommodation Unit (the “List”). A Member shall be liable to
pay the costs for any damage to the Accommodation Unit or the items in the
Accommodation Unit in accordance with the amounts set out in this List.


4. Member’s Occupancy of an Accommodation Unit
4.1. Each Member with a valid Membership of the Loyalty Club is entitled to reserve an
Accommodation Unit in a Property in accordance with the terms of the Membership
4.2. Reservation of an Accommodation Unit will allow the Guest use and access to all
facilities and amenities provided by the Property, which currently include:
4.2.1. a complimentary welcome tray upon arrival at the Accommodation Unit;
4.2.2. fully equipped kitchen (note: all detergents and washing liquids including
laundry and dishwasher liquid will be provided in the kitchen upon arrival.
However, occupants will be responsible for replenishing these products at
their own costs and can purchase these products from a supermarket
neighboring the Property);
4.2.3. complimentary bathroom amenities in each bathroom plus bed linens and
towels change once during the deep cleaning session is complimentary
(note: any additional set of towels, fresh linen change and extra toiletries
(dental and shaving kits) are available upon request and may be at an
additional charge);
4.2.4. access to leisure facilities in the relevant Property, subject to availability
and payment of any access fees (if applicable), operational protocols and
government regulations. The exact facilities available in a specific Property
will be placed in the Accommodation Unit;
4.2.5. complimentary Wi-Fi;
4.2.6. one (1) free parking space;
4.2.7. special offers at certain food and beverage outlets;
4.2.8. special offers on laundry services at certain Properties; and
4.2.9. special offers on salon and spa services at certain Properties.
Further details can be obtained from the Member’s lifestyle manager.
4.3. Please note that the provision of the facilities and amenities set out in paragraph
4.2 above is subject to availability and can change in the sole discretion of Iconik.
5. General Policies
5.1. Access
All Guests are required to show their Membership cards, passport (or Emirates ID)
and reservation confirmation at the reception desk prior to check-in at a Property.
Additionally, the Guests may be issued a temporary access card which would allow
them to access the Property and certain facilities and amenities set out in
paragraph 4.2.

5.2. Visitor usage
5.2.1. Guests may invite visitors to visit the Property between 10am to 10pm
provided that they are accompanied by a Guest. Furthermore, visitors will
only be permitted to stay overnight at the Property if the occupancy limits
set out in paragraph 3.1 are not being breached, their passport or Emirates
ID are provided and they are registered with the Property.


5.2.2. A Guest may be charged an additional fee for each use of the Property’s
facilities (including but not limited to pool, gym, steam room, sauna and
jacuzzi) by a registered visitor. Subject to the discretion of management at
the relevant Property, visitor fees may not be charged for children of ages
10 and under.
5.2.3. If a Guest wishes to bring four (4) or more visitors to the Property at the
same time, the Guest must provide twenty (24) hours prior notice to the
staff at the Property in order to allow the Property to make necessary
arrangements and subject to Property management approval.

5.3. Dress code
5.3.1. Most casual and workout attire is acceptable at the gym. However, bare
feet and swimming suits are not permitted in any areas except the
swimming pool, locker rooms, steam room, sauna and jacuzzi.
5.3.2. The management of the Property shall have sole discretion to determine
what is considered an appropriate dress code for any area of the Property.

5.4. Smoking
5.4.1. In accordance with the applicable government regulations, smoking is not
permitted inside the Property (including at any indoor facilities).
5.4.2. In accordance with Dubai Municipality and Fire safety regulations, smoking
of “Shisha” or use of “Barbeque Grill” in closed areas or a balcony in the
Accommodation Unit is totally prohibited. Violators shall be subject to legal
action and fines in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

5.5. Leisure Facilities
5.5.1. Prior to using the leisure facilities located in the Property, Guests may be
asked to read and sign a waiver of liability.
5.5.2. Towels may be provided to Guests for use at the leisure area. Towels will be
available at the front desk of the leisure area.
5.5.3. No food or beverages other than those provided by the Property’s facilities
and restaurants may be consumed on the leisure area.
5.5.4. All Guests are required to adhere to the rules and regulations posted
throughout the facilities at the Property and inside the Accommodation Unit
and ensure that their visitors adhere to them as well.

5.6. Children
5.6.1. Children under the age of 12 years unaccompanied by a supervising adult
are not allowed to amongst other things, wander around public areas,
playgrounds, beach and swimming pool and streets; run in the corridors;
ride the elevators; throw things from the windows and balcony; and go into
the balcony at the Accommodation Unit. Overall safety of minors is the
responsibility of the accompanying adults.
5.6.2. Children between twelve (12) and sixteen (16) years of age may use any of
the leisure facilities at the Property provided that they are properly
supervised by a parent (or other adult Guest).
5.6.3. Children under the age of twelve (12) are not permitted to use certain
facilities at a Property (including the gym, steam room, sauna or jacuzzi).

5.7. Pets


Pets are not allowed in the Accommodation Unit or a Property.
6. Obligations of the Guests
6.1. The maximum number of persons who may stay overnight at the Property may not
exceed the maximum occupancy prescribed for each type of Accommodation Unit.
6.2. A Guest shall not use the Accommodation Unit for any other purpose other than for
residential purpose.
6.3. Guests shall keep the Accommodation Unit and the amenities provided therein in
good condition and shall hand it over upon the end of their occupancy in the same
good condition in which it was provided to them by the Property at the time of
6.4. Guests will be responsible for any claims, losses and damages to an Accommodation
Unit, the amenities therein (as identified in the List) and/or a Property which might
be incurred by a Guest during his/her occupancy.
6.5. Guests shall keep and maintain quietness during their period of occupancy and shall
not disturb their neighbors. The Properties are family-oriented communities and as
such parties and social gathering causing disturbance to neighbors or in violation of
local regulations are totally prohibited.

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